Sunday, December 26, 2010

If Only In My Dreams

Christmas is getting closer. The bright lights, yummy smells and continuing cold without snow doesn't stop here in Missouri. We still see miracles despite people being "too busy" to hear the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. But we keep plugging along. I love the little community college here with all it's lights for Christmas. I love the Shoal Creek Valley Ward that we serve in and all of the members that help us with this work. I love being able to drive past the Kansas City, Missouri temple and see it being completed. I love my sweet companion who speaks Spanish in her sleep :) I love teaching the gospel! All of these things are making this Christmas probably the best Christmas I have ever had.

Lately, I have been able to learn a lot about listening to the spirit and trusting that we can be directed. It's exercising the faith and then seeing the blessings from that effort. In our area the other day, I felt like we needed to go to another part of our area. We struggle with being conservative with the miles and if we are in one part of our area, we try to stay there the whole day. But I kept feeling like we needed to be somewhere else. We got into our car and prayed. As Sister Holbrook said the prayer, into my mind came two words: South and Lia. Sometimes the spirit tells us things that we don't think we can do. The last thing I wanted to do was go back to Lia's home and bother her seeing that they didn't want us to come back. But the spirit continued to nudge. When Sister Holbrook finished the prayer she said "I think we need to go to the South." Gah...sometimes, as a missionary, you can get away without listening unless the other half gets the same prompting. We drove the fifteen minutes to the other side and knocked on Lia's door. Sweet Lia was home with her kids and immediately let us in. We had a neat talk about how she is STILL trying to find the right church and into my mind kept coming the idea that she needs to learn more. We talked about the plan of salvation and I think something stirred inside her. She was very kind and told us even though her husband wasn't interested that she would still listen to us. Hmmmm.....we'll have to prayerfully decide what things we need to teach her that will help her the most. I asked her to read the book of Mormon and she said she had already started out of curiosity and that she is "hooked". She can't wait to hear what happens with Lehi and his family. I asked her to read the whole thing and she said, "I will but don't you dare ask me to pray about it!" Why not Lia? Do you think it could be true? Ha ha It was interesting hearing her say that. She has been deceived in the past by other pastors and is afraid that she will receive a prompting that is not from the spirit. We explained how the spirit speaks with us and she seemed a little less worried. We'll continue to try with her.

The spirit is sometimes like magic. Something that is not there can all the sudden appear. With faith. Like an investigator. We were in an area and I had the thought to pray about which street we could go to in order to find someone ready for baptism. I turned to my companion and said "Sister, do you have the faith that if we pray that the Lord will show us the street we should go to?" She looked at me, thought about it, smiled and then said yes. We prayed a deep heart felt prayer and when we opened our eyes and looked at the map, the street named "Potter" stuck out to me. Sure enough, first house we visited on Potter had the Powers family. They have met missionaries before but were never really taught by them. They have a 19 year old daughter that we started teaching too. The power of prayer and faith. It's so incredible! Like magic!

And yet another case where we prayed again and "Ditzler" street stuck out. We didn't have as much time to tract the whole street so we decided that we would drive and if a house stuck out to us we'd go visit. We drove up to a house with a big blown-up snowman with a snow globe in his belly (ya know the ones?). Either it was the spirit or excitement of taking our picture next to Mr. Snowman that we picked this house. We met MaryAnn and her family and are going to start teaching them. She is really good friends with the Tree family who is in our ward. It's so neat to exercise faith and have it work! I think we have the fear of exercising faith sometimes because we don't trust that it will happen. My faith has been tested through serving a mission and I'm grateful for it. It has grown stronger.

We taught a little family on Sunday. They are wanting to learn about our basic beliefs but nothing more because they already have a church (the same church that investigator Beth goes to). As we taught them the spirit entered the room and we could tell that they felt something different. The dad has read parts of the book of Mormon when he stays in hotels that have them (he travels a lot). When we gave him his own personal copy, he was shocked. "Wait, is this really for me? My own copy?" Gosh! I wish everyone would say that every time we hand out a book of Mormon! We'll see what happens :)

We also taught Margo and Beth again and they both have been reading the book of Mormon. Margo is already to 2 Nephi! It's so neat because you know that as soon as they read and pray, they won't be able to deny the answer they receive of the truthfulness of this record and of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Margo wants the gift of the holy ghost without having to be re-baptized. We explained proper authority and the priesthood in both baptism and confirmation. I testified to her that as she continues to read the book of Mormon, she will come to understand the importance of baptism by proper authority. We asked her how the spirit speaks with her. She said she didn't know. We explained that for some, everything becomes really understandable and their thoughts are clear. I told her that when I feel the spirit, I feel this warmth inside. I put my hand on the book of Mormon and said "I can promise you that if you read this sincerely and with real intent, you will receive an answer. This book testifies of Jesus Christ, proves that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that this church is true. I love this book. It means everything to me." I love being able to feel the spirit of the Lord work through us when bearing pure testimony.

I'm so grateful for this work. I am grateful for the birth of someone who would save us all. Someone who would grant us the gift of overcoming death. I hope this Christmas fills everyone with the spirit of gratitude for our Savior, Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas! Love you all!

Sister Love

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Little update- I am staying in the Shoal Creek Valley Ward in Liberty and have a new companion....Hermana Holbrook! Spanish speaking! I am going to have to learn Spanish but it's so good because we have many Spanish speaking investigators.

Words cannot describe the things that happened to my companion and I this past Saturday at our all mission conference with Elder Richard G. Scott. We arrived and saw our investigator Ben (who was given a personal invitation by our mission president to come to the conference). He was dressed really nice and very excited. We sat down and a little while later, stood as Elder Scott entered the room with President and Sister Van Komen as well as Elder Hillier (of the seventy). We were all able to come up and shake his hand. Sister Card and I had happened to sit on the front row and were the first to be invited up. It was so incredible looking into his eyes as an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.

First thing Elder Scott said when he got up was "Where would you go in the Book of Mormon to prove the validity of the restoration?" He had us, with our companions, plan out a 5-6 minute lesson on how we would tell an investigator how they can come to know the book of Mormon testifies of Joseph Smith and the restoration. We were given about 5 minutes to plan this and then he would have some missionaries come up and have a practice. Sister Card immediately turned to me and said, "Sister, we're going to get called on! Things like this always happen to me! I have a track record for things like this!" I felt in my stomach that we'd get called on too but Sister Card then said "But, the chances of us getting called on out of all of these missionaries (250) is pretty slim". I agreed with her - nonetheless, we planned that we would talk about
a) how the book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion
b) that we need to ask Heaven-sent questions to find how they receive answers to their prayers
c) we'd bear solemn testimony
d) and we'd be sincere

So Elder Scott got up and said he would choose elders to come up. The first set actually volunteered. They practiced with other 'mock' investigators and were critiqued by Elder Scott. He called on another set of elders and they went up to practice. The first thing these elders heard when they got up to practice was "Now I don't want you elders to fail." ha ha it was pretty funny - ya, try not to fail in front of an apostle. Finally, Elder Scott said "We'll have one more set of missionaries" and he had President call on another set of elders. All the sister missionaries let out a sigh of relief but I could because I still felt an intense anxious this was happening to us.

The third group went up and were critiqued. When they sat down, Elder Scott got up and said "Okay President, let's have some sisters come up." My stomach dropped. Earlier I had seen Elder Scott whisper something to President and he in turn whispered to his wife who looked at Sister Card and I. We were doomed. President Van Komen got up and said "Okay, they might be mad at me but let's have Sister Card and Sister Love." What. In. The. World. are you doing to us President?! I was so nervous and felt like dying ha ha This is being a missionary in front of an apostle of the Lord. We walked up to the front of the chapel and sat. Up until now, members of the church had also been picked out of the audience when it came for them to practice. I was wondering who they would bring up to have as our investigator. As I turned to look, I saw our investigator Ben and our ward mission leader walking up to the stand. In the microphone, they said "We have a real seeker right here!" - My heart was filled with unexplainable joy - I have never felt that much happiness and joy as a missionary before. I felt so much joy and thankfulness for having met Ben and teaching him that I was overwhelmed with emotion. I just started crying. It was the most amazing feeling. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I tried to pull it together. I was no longer nervous and had the faith that the spirit would guide and direct us. And He did. I don't remember a lot of what I or Sister Card said but that's because it was the spirit speaking through us. We bore testimony and told him we loved him. We promised him blessings if he read the book of Mormon and prayed. After we had our practice, I looked over at our mission president and he had tears in his eyes. It was such an amazing feeling to make our president proud and to try to represent our mission well.

When Elder Scott walked back up, he said "It's like being taught by angels." That was priceless. He asked for comments from the audience to say what they liked. One Elders said "No pun intended, but there was a lot of love." I realized that that is what missionary work is all about. Love. If we don't love the people then how can the spirit be there and in turn testify to them. Everyone had really nice things to say and after that Elder Scott said, "I would ask you to tell me what they could work on but I don't think there is anything." What an incredible man. I would have loved to have gotten some advice on what could be better but the spirit was strong because we loved him and had that connection with him. I later talked to Ben and he said he knew that there was no coincidence that he was there that day and that he got picked on to be in the practice. An incredible experience. Being able to be a true missionary, teach a true investigator, one I love, in front of an apostle of the Lord. We are so blessed and I don't know what I ever did to deserve this experience.

Elder Scott asked President and Sister Van Komen to share their testimonies. After that, Elder Hillier got up and talked about how we obtain truth and read Alma 5:45-46. He turned to us and said "Sister Love and Sister Card, I felt something as you were teaching. In 2 Nephi 32:3, it says 'Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore they speak the words of Christ." He pointed out the first part and said "As you were teaching I was willing to do whatever it took to do what you asked because it was by the power of the Holy Ghost, it was the words of Christ. Elder Scott said today that it was like being taught by angels and it was - because you spoke by the power of the Holy Ghost." That was really neat to hear.

We had a 20 minute break and then Elder Scott got up to the microphone and said "Can we have Sister Card and Sister Love come back up to the stand?" Gaaaah. What?! Now what?! Mmmmkay. We're coming Elder Scott. My heart started beating faster - I couldn't believe this was happening again. We walked up and "Make sure you write down your name and address and give it to me before I leave. I would like to send you a copy of one of my paintings for doing this." That was neat but I was thinking "What is he going to have us do.....sing?!!" He had us come up to the microphone and asked us to answer four different questions about why we came on a mission, what the hardest thing about serving a mission is, what brings the most joy from serving a mission, and they he asked us to bear our testimonies. After we had finished, Elder Scott said "These are two very special and beautiful sisters. I can't help think that there are two young valiant men somewhere being prepared for them. Making themselves worthy for them." Sister Card was really cute and said "I'd like to know who he is!"

Elder Scott afterwards, shared some amazing stories with all the missionaries and bore his testimony. We were able to talk with him afterwards and he let us go to lunch with him. What?! I don't even know. We were in shock all day. It was a special experience and I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for allowing Sister Card and I to have the experience of not only spending time with Elder Scott but by being able to have the spirit with us so strongly while teaching.

Afterwards, our investigator Ben got to go up and talk with both Elder Hillier and Elder Scott. Elder Hillier gave him his e-mail address and asked him to e-mail him before and after his baptism. Ben's wife is still threatening to divorce him if he gets baptized. Elder Scott told us to take our time with him. That his wife needs to be brought into the church too. We'll see. Afterwards, Elder Scott gave Ben a hug. Oh. My Goodness. It was priceless to see. I felt like a proud parent watching that.

As we left Elder Scott, he said "Can I take a picture with you two sisters? I will want to remember this. You sister have been an inspiration to me this meeting. It was joy working with you." But it wasn't us. It was the Lord and His spirit working through us. He was such a sweet person. I am so grateful for this experience we had! The church is true. I want to end this e-mail by typing what Elder Scott said at the end of our meeting:

"This I declare with every capacity of my being....I want you to all remember when there stood in your presence someone who does hold keys...Jesus Christ guides His church personally...He is a loving, glorious, resurrected being who can communicate love so intensely. I know He is our Savior, Redeemer, a glorified, resurrected being because I know him."

I know this is true. Thank you for your love, support and prayers. I love you all!

Sister Love

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"This earth was once a garden place..."

This past week was really special. We were able to go on a history trip with all the sister missionaries and a church historian. We visited Far West and saw towns around there but one of my favorite parts of the tour was visiting Adam-ondi-Ahman. Even before arriving, I could feel something special within my heart as we entered the valley. We went up and heard stories about the early Saints and everything they went through in Adam-ondi-Ahman and Far West. We sang the song, "Adam-ondi-Ahman" and took pictures. It was really a special trip and I feel more inspired and excited to continue sharing the gospel.

Our investigator, Ben, is still learning and we are so excited for him. He came into our lesson the other day and said he stayed up until 3:00 in the morning reading the Book of Mormon. He said once he gets reading he feels like he can't stop. It's so amazing! I love the Book of Mormon. There are times when I wish personal study time would go on for an extra hour or two because I don't stop reading and studying it. The only thing with Ben is that he doesn't want to pray and ask if it's true until he has read the entire Book of Mormon. He is a lawyer and needs facts and evidence to everything. He had a problem when he came to church and saw that we served water instead of wine at the sacrament. We shared with him that the Lord told Joseph Smith in D&C 27 that "it mattereth not" what is served as long as it is done in the right manner and for the right reason. He wanted proof of modern revelation of this. I'm so grateful for the promptings of the spirit because earlier, before our lesson, I was reading about the sacrament and copied a page out of a book that had an explanation of water instead of wine by Elder Bruce R. McConkie. As soon as I gave him that paper and he read it, he said "Oh, okay! I was just confused." And that was it! We were scared we were going to loose him for a second there but as soon as he can read about it, he is fine.

There are always those moments in missionary work that hurt your heart though. We met a girl named Lia who was so energetic and wanted to learn more. We scheduled an appointment with her and told her to look up if she had any questions. I had started studying and looking for answers to some of her questions when she called us and told us that she looked on and has a hard time believing that Jesus Christ is not the only God. She also said she didn't understand baptisms for the dead and other issues. She had even gone on the website and chatted with missionaries about it. She said she was sorry and that maybe sometime she'll want to learn. In the past, I've been able to just let things go but this one hurt. It's so hard when you see someone's eyes light up when they hear about the restored gospel because it's familiar to them! They don't know it, but their spirit's has a familiar ring because they voted for it before this life. It was hard but I'm grateful for those that the Lord prepares and for those who are willing to learn.

This past week, I've been studying about the atonement. I'm so grateful for our Savior, Jesus Christ and his gift. It is life saving...literally! We wouldn't be able to return back to our Heavenly Father's presence if it weren't for it. I love Him so much and am trying to be more like Him every day. Love you all!

Sister Love

Monday, November 1, 2010

Greetings From Liberty!

Greetings from Liberty, Missouri! I think I might die out here. It has started to get cold the last couple of days and it's going to be freezing this winter! But I love this area! Sister Card and I have seen so many miracles. Our investigator, Ben is so golden. We took him to the visitor's center and took him through "God's Plan for His Families". Afterwards, he just cried. We also took him to listen to a talk by Elder Christofferson about how the spirit testifies to our spirit that the scriptures are true. We had to leave early, but our Visitor's Center director, Elder Nelson came over and continued to teach him. Elder Nelson later said that Ben told him every time he gets ready to read the book of Mormon, he reads Moroni 10:4-5 before reading anything else. Wow. Who does that? He is so genuine. We also taught him the word of wisdom and he said, "I get the no alcohol and tobacco. I'm going to have a hard time with getting rid of tea though." He fought us for a little while saying that tea is an antioxidant for our bodies and can be good. After testifying to him that this is for our benefit, he said "Well, I guess this isn't about tea but it's about obedience. If it's what I need to do, then I'll do it." At the end of the lesson, he prayed and thanked Heavenly Father for sending us to him. That is one of the best feelings in the world. Knowing you've been sent to someone needing to hear the gospel. We went to a church bookstore afterwards with him where he bought a triple combination and a book of Mormon study guide. We'll have him baptized soon :).

We met Louis and Kyle, two 18 year old punks who were a referral from a member and we went to teach them. Here walk in these 'too cool for anything' kids with their ears pierced and chains hanging out everywhere. I was cowering in the corner while Sister Card attempted to teach lesson 1. As we started asking questions though, these boys really opened up. They are honestly searching for something. And they came to church! They were really shy at first but then opened up and said they really enjoyed it. I'm excited to teach them about the plan of salvation next.

We are also working with Dannick, an African American guy from England. He's married to Robin, a member and they have two little girls named Lecie and Lexie. They all have British accents and call each other "love". Dannick says he's waiting for a sign to tell him to join the church. We asked him some heaven sent questions including "Do you think Heavenly Father would tell you something that you wouldn't want to hear?", "What don't you want to hear?" and "Do you want the church to be true?" --- All of this regarding him asking to know whether or not this is what he should do. I hope he comes around so this family can get to the temple.

Yesterday, I hit my one year left mark. It's insane! Something I've learned from this is that time is precious. We are only here for a glimpse in eternity and are given the chance to grow and become more like our Heavenly Father and Savior.

We had a zone conference this last week. They are so inspiring and really light the fire to continue in missionary work. Our mission has been given 65,000 pass-a-long cards with the new website on the back which is a great tool. Something else our mission will be doing soon is sharing missionary work through texting and facebook. My mission president said "Somewhere down the road, you will be disobedient if you don't get on Facebook." ha ha Wow...who woulda thought?

President Van Komen also talked about becoming a master of yourself. The world gets scarier and scarier each day and the gray area lessens with everything becoming more black and white. "You can't keep one foot in the mission and one foot in Babylon. You've left your old self," is what he says. I think it applies to almost everyone. Once you decide whose side you're on, there is no turning back. You're either on the Lord's side or you're not. I love that. We also talked about how the spirit is very familiar and ancient and at times, the Lord will prompt us to do things that won't make sense. But we should act on those promptings and diligently seek for experiences (1 Nephi 10:19).

I love seeing the growth of missionaries within the mission. At the end of our zone conference, Elder Childs, who is 6' 9" and looks like he could beat up anyone cried like a baby over the pulpit as he shared his testimony saying "My testimony is firm. I could never say that I had felt a 'burning of the bosom' until just barely. On October 21, at 2:37 p.m. in the Kearny building in Missouri. My chest feels like it's 115 degrees." My sweet companion got up to bear her testimony for the last time at a zone conference and said she has been "illuminated by the word" (Alma 5:7) and will always be indebted to her Heavenly Father. One of the greatest miracles is that Elder Cox, who is deaf, bore his testimony for the first time verbally. Ever. And it happened on his mission.

This work is alive and I am so grateful to be a part of it. Thank you for all of your prayers and support!

Sister Love

So transfer calls come again...most intense day of a missionary's life. (besides hoping and praying your investigator comes to their own baptism). Although hoping I'd stay in the area for another transfer, I was positive I'd be going out full proselyting to either Great Bend or Hays, Kansas. (two cities in the middle of no far away from the mission home as possible) Even President Van Komen has said "Every missionary struggles in Great Bend". Ha ha thanks President. Sister Juergens and I are sitting and waiting for the voicemail to come to tell us where we are headed. Our phone beeps and we tackle each other in the process of hitting the button to listen to the message. We hold hands like we are waiting to hear who will be crowned the next "Miss Independence..." basically. Elder Clayton, one of the assistants goes through the ENTIRE list of where everyone in the Independence Zone is headed before he finally says "And Sister Love will be going to the jail to be with Sister Card." WHAT?! Number 1. It was a privilege to even serve in the Visitor's Center. Number 2. The visitor's center and the Independence 4th ward have been amazing to me and I have felt spoiled as a missionary. Number 3. I technically should be out serving full pros. all the time since I'm not given the call as a "VC Sister". But the Liberty Jail?! Only amazing and special missionaries serve here and I have never felt so inadequate. I had set myself up to never serve here. I am still in shock that I am in this amazing spiritual site where Joseph Smith became the prophet the Lord needed him to be. The spirit here is incredible. I love explaining the history and taking groups in relaying to them that they are entering a place almost as spiritual as a temple.

I love being in Liberty, Missouri. It's this small town with tons of history. It's a lot different than Independence. From what church records say, Independence, Missouri has one of the highest numbers of members of the church with mental illnesses. Not only is Satan bombarding the people there, he is also getting into the minds of the members in that area. The adversary is so strong and beats on Independence. It's a breath of fresh air to be serving in Liberty. I live in this old house right behind the jail with five other sisters. We all have different personalities and ways of doing missionary work. We laugh all the time and grow together during our spiritual and life discussions. One of my favorite parts of this area is our ward mission leader, Brother Freestone. Brother Freestone is involved in working with the government (FBI) and works undercover = best stories ever. I love hearing how he has busted drug dealers by going in acting as one. He is the most humble and spiritual man and helps us so much in this work.

We are teaching so many people right now and many are coming close to baptism. Ben is very intellectual watched the Joseph Smith movie with us. Afterwards, he said he was touched and almost started crying as he said "I think God is trying to lead me to the truth." Something our mission is focusing on right now is asking heaven sent questions. I experienced this when we were talking about knowing whether the church is true. I felt impressed to ask "How do you think God is going to answer that?" He sat back and said "I don't know. How will he?" We were able to explain to him the still small voice and how he can know. He told us that he doubts his wife will be interested in learning. After that he said, "You know what? If it's true, I don't care. I don't care! God is more important than a 25 year marriage." Wow. He has such a strong testimony. We hope he will receive an answer soon.

We had an amazing experience yesterday where we went to visit a referral given to us by a man that just walked into the jail. Sister Card, my new companion, said they had the referral for a while but that they weren't able to see him. The night before, we received a call from the man who gave the referral, asking what time church was. We realized that we needed to meet this referral. His name is Louis and his family is from Mexico. He is really humble and just wants to learn. We have an appointment with him tonight and we'll invite him to be baptized. I love this work!

My new companion, Sister Card is so smart. She went to Boston University for art and graduated from BYU in psychology and art. We have had several occasions where we've been able to ask people questions that make them think and realize that there may be more to the church than they thought. We met Matthew while trying to visit some potential investigators and he said he doesn't agree with baptisms for the dead. We explained that everyone will have the chance to learn about the gospel in the spirit world. He fought that we made up the spirit world in order to justify baptisms for the dead. Sister Card told him the bible talks about the spirit world. "Oh ya? Where exactly does it talk about it?" Sister Card told him in 1 Peter. Silence for a while........"Well, I haven't really read through 1 Peter, but still." It's nice to be able to teach people who need to have their minds opened. I am so grateful that I am able to serve here and learn so much about the history in this area. It's impossible to come here and not leave with a testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith and of the Savior. Love you all!

Sister Love

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I am so incredibly blessed. I don't know what I did in order to feel so much happiness in my heart this past weekend. Transfers are in 2 days and if I end up leaving this area, I am so grateful for how it ended. Sarah was baptized on Friday. And no baptism runs as smoothly as you want it to. We went early to fill the font and pretty soon, opened the door and felt the steam from the boiling hot water that had been running. I felt like we needed to add in some cold water but by that time, we saw that it was close to being too full. We turned off the water and prayed that it would cool down within the half hour before her baptism. The talks and testimonies before the baptism were incredible and when it came time for the actual baptism, we went around with Sarah to the font. She started to climb down in the water and immediately came back up the stairs. "It's too hot!" Words can't describe what I was feeling right then. I seriously thought we had ruined this moment by not being smart about water temperature. But our ward mission leader said "Sarah, just go in slowly. You can do it." We prayed silently as she walked in. Jack, her husband was so cute as he helped her down and said this humble and powerful baptism prayer. Being flustered because of the water and all the billion Polynesian people who showed up, Jack had to repeat the prayer and baptism once more but in the end, she went all the way under and was baptized. Electricity flowed through me as I watched someone make this step to eternal life. Someone I loved more than anything and loved teaching. But of course, it wasn't us. It was the Lord. Afterwards, I bore my testimony of how we started teaching Sarah and how it was an answer to a prayer and also to hard work and service. Sarah got up and bore her testimony. She said they had lost their baby and as we taught her, she felt comforted in knowing that they could be together forever and be sealed. She was crying and so was Jack. It was incredible. Bishop got up next and said "So Sarah, what do you get to do one year from now?" Sarah said, "We get to be sealed as a family. Me, Jack and Bobbie." Right then, at that moment, I can say was the happiest moment of my life. And the never ending joke for that night was that there was definitely a baptism by water AND by fire.

The next amazing event of this weekend was going to the St. Louis temple to see the Andre's, recent converts and people we have grown very close to, get sealed for time and all eternity. I forgot how much I had missed going to the temple. The spirit was so strong in that session and they just cried the whole time. There were sister missionaries there that had been involved in the teaching process as well as continuing to keep them strong to lead them to this point. So many dedicated servants and ambassadors of the Lord, Jesus Christ. So much love between all of the sisters that had taught Sister Andre. It's incredible to be a part of this work.

We are still working with Andrianna. She's had some hiccups lately with quitting smoking. She was doing so well but then slipped after her grandma died with all the stress that came with that. We talked with her about a testimony and she said she has planted the seed and is watching it grow. We had committed her to read Alma 32 that compares faith to a seed and how we experiment in order to watch it grow. She said it's been growing but it's just taking time for God to do some weeding. I loved that. We sometimes have weeds that keep our spiritual trees from growing as big and as strong as they can. "The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field". The parable taught in Matthew 13 also illustrates this point. The tares that keep our seeds from growing are planted by the devil. "I guess I just need to let God into my spiritual garden." She is so amazing and knows it's true.

In 2 weeks, I hit my 6 month mark and have only one year left to serve as a full time missionary. In the 58th section of the Doctrine and Covenants, the Lord calls Edward Partridge to serve in Independence, Missouri. Verse 16 says "Behold his mission is given unto him, and it shall not be given again." I brought up this scripture in our district meeting and talked about how we are only given one chance to serve and do the best we can. We may serve other missions but for this time and this time only are we here, in Missouri, to share the gospel. Seeing people change their lives in order to grow closer to Jesus Christ has brought more happiness than I ever thought possible. Go out of your way to share the gospel. I can promise that as you do so, you will be able to say "How great is my joy". I know this church is true. I know our Savior lives. He loves us. He wants us to come to him. It is through following him and his example and striving to become more like Him that we find true happiness. I know the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored in its fullness by the prophet, Joseph Smith. These are fundamental truths that secure my testimony and help me to continue on as a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Go out of your way to share the gospel and to bring others closer to Him. I love you all!

Sister Love

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumkins and Sister Juergen

Happy General Conference!

Happy October and General Conference!!

Wow! Did everyone just love conference?! Maybe it's that I am eating, drinking and breathing the gospel right now but I could not wait for conference to start! We were at the visitor's center during two of the sessions so the only way we could watch it was from our director's laptop. When members of the church came in, it's not like we could say "Uh, HELLO? It's general conference? Why aren't you watching it?". Instead we would put down our notebooks and help others to feel the spirit at our amazing visitor's center. It was funny to see sisters be so calm about saying hello and goodbye to visitors while they were going crazy inside, wanting to soak in every ounce of what was being said. We were able to watch the other sessions of conference with members of the ward. I loved what D. Todd Christofferson said about how life's two best gifts are time and the freedom of choice. We have the choice to use our time as well as we can. Also Richard G. Scott's talk about character and self discipline. I always love hearing from President Monson. His talk on gratitude really helped me to remember that even when times get hard out here, it's living with the attitude of gratitude and prayer that opens up the blessings of heaven. I noticed an overall theme of agency and prophets. We have been giving the gift of agency and can decide whether or not to follow the counsel of men that have been called of God. Agency is definitely a gift and we show our Father in Heaven that we are thankful for that by making good choices.

This week has been great. Sister Juergens and I have been busy sharing the light of the gospel with others. We visited the Ortons, a less active family who has a daughter who is 32 that has a mental disability. I loved listening to how excited she got over even the little things. She talked about her bowling league named "The Power Cats" and how they have a tournament coming up. She talked about general conference and how important it was to listen to those men and women of God. She also talked about how she loved spending time with and helping her mom. She also took us over to their computer and showed us their screen saver of all the temples that have been dedicated. When we were about to leave, I asked if we could say a prayer with them and asked if there is anything that they stand in need of. Sister Orton sat there for a little bit thinking and then just started crying. She said "Peace is coming to my mind right now. I don't know why." We blessed her home with a missionary prayer and asked that she would receive peace at this time. I don't know what they are going through but I am thankful for the opportunity we have to follow the spirit in helping others.

We were able to visit with a part member family, the Tyrers. Sister Tyrer had to have an emergency surgery on her hip and we visited them with another family in the ward. She was in so much pain and we tried our best to comfort her. It was incredible when we said a prayer. The spirit immediately filled the room and there was a tangible peace in the air. Sister Tyrer didn't say anything and afterwards, said she felt better. It was a true testimony to me that prayer is powerful and changes things.

Sarah is getting baptized on Friday!!!!!! We are so excited and she is very excited too! Please pray that everything will go well so that she can experience this life changing event. Andrianna is also committed to baptism for November 2 and we continue to work with her. She is so amazing. We went over to teach a lesson and she brought out her notebook that she keeps all her notes in. She calls it "My Journey". She said she was guided in reading the scriptures and said she found things in the bible that say the church is true. She also said "The more I read out of the book of Mormon, the more I desire to get baptized." Wow! The amazing thing is, she is being guided by the Lord in all of this. At times, we feel like we don't do anything and that it is all the Lord. I hope I am able to serve Him in everything I do and with everything that I have. Thank you for all your support and prayers. Love you all!

Sister Love

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shout out from Zion! So if you go on to, there is a video about a girl named Joy and she won the 2008 long boarding/surfing title for nationals. Something like that. Anyways, she says something that I love and have tried to incorporate into missionary work. She said that she finds that she has to position herself and put herself where the right waves are. We also need to position ourselves in life. Place ourselves in situations that will help us grow the most and live life. While we're talking about waves, I also learned something from the book of Matthew. In ch.4, verse 20, Jesus Christ calls for the apostles while they are fishing and it says they "straightway left their nets and followed him." What nets hold you back in life? What are the things that keep you from fully following and believing in Jesus Christ? Just a thought :)

This past week it got cold. One day, it was sunny and then a huge rainstorm came in. After that, it was only 50 degrees for a couple of days. Basically, I think I am going to die. This coldness out here is different than anything I've ever experienced. It cuts to the bone. We'll see how well this winter goes. But after this happened, it's gotten back up into the 70's and 80's. Missouri has crazy weather but so fun. I love the rainstorms here.

Andrianna had an incredible experience this past week. We met with her again and she said that she still just wants to know that this is what she should do. We asked her to come into the visitor's center here. She came and we walked around some of the things we have there but then a thought came into my head. "Take her down to see 'hope ya know, I had a hard time.'" This is a Mormons message that follows the talk by Quentin L. Cook with that title. He talks about how things in life are difficult. That we all go through our different trials and we, at times, say to our Heavenly Father "Hope ya know, I had a hard time." At the end, it shows a man who has been struggling and that has just lost his job. He goes to get out of his car and sees his elderly neighbor across the street struggling to bring in his trash bin. He runs over to help him bring it in. At the end, Elder Cook says that President Monson said the greatest birthday gift he could receive would be for someone to do something for someone else. We watched this movie and at the end, I looked over at Andrianna and she was crying. I know it's exactly what she needed. At the end, I came out and just asked her "Andrianna, will you read the book of Mormon and pray to know that it's true? Will you also pray to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet?" She said she would. We prayed with her that night and in the prayer, she asked that she might know if this is the true church and that she may receive a strong answer.

The next time, we went over, Andrianna was smiling. She said she prayed and that a peaceful feeling entered into her heart. She said that even though she was closing her eyes, the room around her filled with light. She said she realized she has been the one keeping herself back. She has been hesitant but because of those feelings, she is now ready to do this. To enter the waters of baptism and receive this joy.

We've been working with a less-active older man and his wife, who is not a member. They are the funniest people ever. They make me laugh so hard and she is just being stubborn when it comes to getting baptized. They know it's true and we will keep working with them.

Today is officially my 5 month mark. I can't believe how fast this is flying by. I've realized that this time is precious and that although it's hard, the beauty of serving the Lord can never be replaced. I want to challenge anyone who reads this to step outside yourself this week and do something for someone else. Help someone who is down. Share the gospel. Let your Heavenly Father know how much you love him and your Savior. I know that if you do this, your life will be blessed. Thank you for all the support and prayers! I love you all!

Sister Love

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My beautiful trainee Sister Juergan

Yay for missionaries!!!

Greetings from Independence, Missouri!

The man next to us, just barely said "You all have the most important job in the world, you know that right?" Yep. I love this job. This past Wednesday, I passed my 1/4 mark of my mission. Where does time go? I have no idea. It was only April yesterday. It's incredible how time will pass by when you are serving others. Although it's almost October, Missouri still has 90 degree weather and green trees. We're starting to notice a slight color change though and this area is going to be beautiful around the middle of October.

This past week, Sister Juergens and I went to a dance class with a bunch of RLDS and Church of Christ dancers. They all read and believe in the book of mormon, yet they forget the fact that we still need modern revelation today...which makes me so excited for General Conference! I can't wait for our investigators to listen to the prophet's voice. We were able to dance and share the gospel at the same time, going from pirouettes to prayer and sau-de-chats to scriptures. Quite the adventure but when all was said and done, my heart hurt a little from missing dancing and doing the things before my mission. But then I turn to my companion and say "Let's go be missionaries", slide on my name tag and the world is perfect. In the Lord's service we endure pain and heartache in order to experience miracles. So even though these little ballerinas were not so receptive, maybe the rest of Independence will be. We just keep going to work. Onward, ever onward.

We visited Sister Wood, a less active who we've been seeing for a while and asked her to come to church this next Sunday. The less-actives we've been working with have started coming to church and I love seeing how their lives change even though they've already been baptized. The atonement never ceases to work. Sister Wood said we've left our fingerprints on her heart. She told us to never forget that we leave fingerprints everywhere, even if we don't think we do. In a smile, a handshake, even a hello.

Sarah's baptism is still underway. We really want her husband to be able to baptize her, so he's been working with the bishop and we've set October 8 as the date for her baptism. It's also her birthday and she says it's the best birthday gift she could receive.

Andrianna is also coming along. She has the date set for November 2 but I think she could get baptized before then. She knows it's true but I think she is scared. The other day, she told us she has had some concerns and "if I'm going to do this, I need to be sure it's right." It's better for her to have doubts that end in certainty instead of certainty that ends in doubts. She invited us over for Allie (her 4 year old)'s birthday. She made a cake and we took pictures. We realized she had done that primarily for us after we left. I love this family. She has a brother that is RLDS that is starting to listen in on the lessons. We're going to try to teach him this next time.

There have been several things that the spirit has taught me this week. One of the most important is "Being where your feet are". A lot of times, we look to the past or the future for enjoyment. But it's being where we stand and in the present that will bring the most happiness. I am trying to work on that more and more each day. To love live at this moment in this time. Not just to live from baptism to baptism. Something else I learned is that Satan can mimic or imitate anything EXCEPT the Holy Ghost. That's why it's so important to be worthy to have this beautiful gift with us always. To be led, guided and to learn by the spirit. I hope everyone is doing great. Thank you for all your support and prayers! Love you!

Sister Love

Come to Zion Come to Zion

Monday morning sports at 6:00 A.M. = one of the best things that has ever happened to me :) After I persuadingly drag my companion out of her beautiful dreams, we jog down to the sand volleyball court where 8 other companionships (elders and sisters) are playing volleyball before the sun has even come up. I LOVE it. 1/4 of the missionaries here are Polynesian and tend to get overly competitive (example: every time we score, they chant in Tongan, "Clap Once. Clap Twice. Clap Three Times!" and we clap in unison which makes the other team ridiculously angry) It's times like these where I love seeing the sun rise in Independence, Missouri.

This past week I had the opportunity to go to a leadership conference that lasted all day with the assistants to the president, zone leaders, district leaders and trainers in the Missouri Independence Mission. We were taught so many amazing truths that will strengthen and bless us in this missionary work. It's continuing on everyday even when you think you can't continue anymore. It was so neat to be around all of these other amazing leaders who love the Lord and can't wait to pound out another day as a missionary.

Several times this week, we met with our investigator Andrianna who is continues to learn and grow in the gospel. We will have had a challenging day or have walked and talked all day with no evidence to show that our work did any good and it's like coming home - she is growing closer and closer to the Savior and it shows. It's amazing to see the hand of the Lord in other's lives. The other night we taught her a lesson while her 2 girls colored and then we roasted marshmallows. Best ever. We also watched the rainstorm while eating fresh strawberries and related it to the gospel. My favorite for the week was last night though where we had Family Home Evening with two other families in the ward. After first, Andrianna was apprehensive about going and wanted to get it over with, but as we got there and got talking, she warmed right up. Her kids had a blast playing with the other kids (who are exactly the same age - no coincidence at all!) and we had the best dinner. We ended the night with a lesson on the atonement and how it fixes broken things. Since little kids usually have an obsession with bandaids and using them even if they don't need them, we performed a magic trick and ended with the bandaid analogy.

I never thought I could grow so close to a family I've only known for a month or two. I love them with all my heart. The other night we went over and Allie and Lena (Andrianna's two girls) had painted us pictures and she had them framed. This painting will be with me forever. It's having the opportunity to bring a light to their lives that will always overcome the darkness.

One of the most important truths I've learned from this experience of serving the Lord completely 24/7 is that sometimes the Lord needs to break us down before he can build us up to be who he needs us to be. Elder Eyring said something that I will always remember. He said something along the lines of how being in the service of the Lord and his children won't always be easy and it may sometimes be painful. When the words, "contrite spirit" and "broken heart" include not only those we are serving, but our own lives as well. To truly come to know the Savior and be involved in His work, we sometimes need to suffer and painfully grow as He did. It's the price we pay in order to receive such a priceless gift. I'm so grateful for the chance I have to come to know the Savior. He lives. He knows our pains and our sorrows. Spencer W. Kimball said "No matter how much we say of Him, it is still too little." That will always be the case. I love our Savior and his divine role as our redeemer. I love you all!

Sister Love

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Let there be light. August 22

The heading for this e-mail comes from what started as wanting a picture with Brother Jeffrey, our custodial friend at the visitor's center. It ended in him letting us change one of the light bulbs. Scariest experience ever. I was dying. It was pretty much the best ever though.

This weekend has been the best birthday weekend of my life! I can proudly say I have never felt so much happiness and joy. Joy overflowing from my entire being! The Lord has blessed us so greatly and all because of this work and the power of prayer! I seriously hope I can convey the amazing miracles we saw unfold before our eyes this week. But to begin, I'll need to start way earlier in the month.

I had just had an interview with our visitor's center director who changed my life and rest of my mission by telling me that we set our own limits and that I can set any goals I desire to achieve and the only difference between setting and making those goals is the time in between. So that night, I went home and prayed. I asked Heavenly Father for the desires I had deep inside. I told him I had set the goal to have a baptism before my birthday and in general before the end of the transfer. I had also prayed that for my birthday (August 22, Sunday) all I wanted was for this goal to happen and for a birthday present, to have a new investigator. Well, faith without works is dead right? So Sister Witkamp and I have been working hard. As hard as we could to make these things come about. We've been meeting with some of our potential investigators and really trying to commit them to learning more about the gospel. For the past 3 months, we have worked and worked. We haven't seen any outward success of our work. Since I've been in this area, Sister Witkamp and I have never had an investigator come to church. None! I was starting to doubt ourselves. Doubt the Lord. Doubt everything I was doing. But I didn't want to give up! So we continued on.

So we had set up a family night with a family in our ward and our investigator, Andrianna with her two little girls, Alyssandra and Alena. I had been looking forward to this family night all week! Time came where we went to go get Andrianna so she could follow us with her girls to the family night. We got to her home and no one was there. We called her cell and house phone over and over. Left messages. Waited. It got closer and closer to 7:00, the time of family home evening. I had been so excited because Andrianna is so close! She knows it's true and knows she needs this gospel in her life! But she is so stubborn and Satan is working extremely hard on this sweet family. Which is why I was so excited to finally have her come to this family night and to have some friends in the ward. Sister Witkamp said "Well, let's just drive over and pray that she will call us back." We drive for what seems a decade. I prayed and prayed in my heart that she would call. We finally got close to the family's home and Sister Witkamp pulled off to a side street and turned off the car. We sat in silence and finally, Sister Witkamp says "What do we do?" My first thought was to jump out of the car and tract the entire street we were on to demonstrate the faith that when we work hard, the Lord blesses us. Instead I couldn't move. It felt like I was filled with lead. I slumped over into my seat in the car and started to cry. "Sister Witkamp, my heart is broken." I have never felt so much pain before in a long time. Probably since my Dad passed away was the last time my heart felt like it had been broken. My heart hurt from making the Shaws move their FHE from Monday to Thursday night. My heart hurt from trying not to be angry with Andrianna for forgetting this precious appointment. My heart hurt for Andrianna and her children's souls. They don't know what they are missing. Sister Witkamp says "Should we just go?" I'm praying this whole time to Heavenly Father to just make everything okay. Either make her call or help us find a miracle within all of this. My sweet companion, right then, is inspired. "Let's call sarah." Now Sarah is an investigator that we have tried to get a hold of for the past 18 days ever since other sisters told us about her. We called her and she answered! She told us life has been crazy but that she wants to meet with us tomorrow. I was so happy. Happiness- true, real, deep happiness. Heavenly happiness. The Lord answers prayers. And I also thought of calling Sister Hefter, a single mom with a little girl the ages of the family that we were visiting. She said she could come and she ended up coming with us to the family night. And even though, Andrianna wasn't there, I found it to be a miracle because Sister Hefter needed to be there with her little girl for a family night instead.

The next day, we met with Sarah at the visitor's center. I have NEVER met someone who has been more prepared than she has. Her husband is a less active and he came too! We talked with her and she lost a little baby a couple of months ago. They have a 6 year old girl named Bobby. She said she has prayed and knows it's true. She said their ultimate goal is to be sealed in the temple! We talked about the holy ghost and what it feels like and asked her husband, Jack, to explain what it feels like. This huge Polynesian guy who looks like he could beat anyone up, starts to cry. He explains that after their little baby died, he was angry but he prayed and that the Holy Ghost told him that it was going to be okay. That Heavenly Father needed her and that he was going to be okay. The spirit was so strong. We committed Sarah to baptism and she said yes. She will be baptized on September 5th. As they walked away, I said "Sister, I'm not worthy of such an amazing blessing." But we have worked hard and the Lord has given us a tender mercy. When we went to pray, Sister Witkamp said, "You know how you wanted a baptism for your birthday? Well, it's not the actual event of a baptism, but you have a baptism set now." I prayed for a baptism. Not to actually see one, but to have one. The Lord answers prayers! This is the best golden birthday gift I could ever receive. I told Sister Witkamp I was happy. True happiness like I've never felt before. I felt like my heart couldn't contain the joy I felt. It was heaven.

The day before my birthday, we had another miracle! We had two appointments set up, one with Sarah again for a church tour and another with Sister Wood, a less active. Both of them called within the same hour and canceled. This time, Sister Witkamp felt like she was going to die. This roller coaster mission stuff is not so good. I feel like I am going up and down constantly. But because of the two canceled appointments, we were able to meet Leroy (who is another story in just a sec) AND we met with Andrianna who said she was sorry and said life was crazy and she said she would come to church the next day. Well, Leroy seemed pretty interested in coming to church. He texted us later and asked what time. We drove back to meet with him and he wasn't home so we put sticky star notes on his door with the church address and time. Well, this too good to be true Leroy, texts us that next night and says "I know you can't send messages but I read the stars on my door and would like to say I think u two girls are a gift from god because I been searching for a lady that I can make my wife and out of no where u two pop up it feels like a miracle."....................Uh....what? Let's just say we won't be going back to see Leroy again. ha ha ha

Yesterday, on my birthday, I was given the best birthday gifts I've ever received. My wonderful family sent me WAY too many wonderful gifts but along with those wonderful gifts were the gifts at church. Andrianna and her little girls and Sarah, Jack and their daughter Bobby, all came to church. And Katie, a 14 year old girl came too. It is through Katie that the Lord answered my prayer to get a new investigator for my birthday. Katie is our new investigator that just came to church with a family and we will meet with her this week! The Lord answers prayers! Please believe me when I say this! The church is true. Sister Witkamp and I have been greatly blessed and it's all because of our Heavenly Father! I am so blessed to be a missionary and to be involved in this amazing work! Thank you everyone for your love and support! The church is true! Love you all!

Sister Love

Pictures include:
-Sister Witkamp and I sitting in what we call the "hot seats" at the visitor's center (meaning the seats that say you are next up for a tour....not saying we're hot ha ha)
- A picture of "the great and spacious building" being struck by lightning across the street :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Only In Kansas.....

Do people make small talk about the newborn cows

Can you see the lightening through your eyelids and hear the thunder through your earplugs

Is it socially acceptable to swat at your face during a conversation

Do the mosquitoes like you more than the people you are finding and trying to teach

Do the sunsets get prettier everyday

Is it 94 degrees at 10:00 in the morning on the 1st of June

This list will get longer and longer I am sure. Its amazing how i fall more and more in love with this place the more I am here. But boy its getting hot. Sister Power and I don't know how to deal. We are just two girls, one from Utah and one from California, who aren't used to the heat PLUS the humidity. Sheesh! its intense.

This past week we had two incredible miracles. The first was where Heavenly Father blessed me with a witness after my faith had been tried. On Friday, we were going to go over to Zoe and Colleen's, two twins that were recently baptized within a less active family. It was their birthday and I had asked my mom to send two CTR rings for them. I was thinking they'd come in the mail by Friday, but as the mail came on that day there were no rings. I was depressed. I really had wanted them to come by then. were in the middle of our weekly planning which takes a while at home and it was our lunch break. My companion had gone downstairs to rest and I was upstairs. I remembered a story that I had read while exercising that morning about a man who was doing family history work a little after the Salt Lake Temple had been finished and dedicated. He needed some additional dates and information to be able to do the work but did not have it. His children were playing outside and two men walked by them and handed them a newspaper, asking them to give it to their dad. When they brought it In, it contained the information he needed. The newspaper came from England to Salt Lake City, especially back then, it truly was a miracle. Seeing the opportunity, I knelt down and offered a prayer. I told Heavenly Father that i knew it didn't matter and that the girls could receive their rings another time but that i know it's possible and he had the power to make mail come a little bit sooner. I asked him, with all the faith that I had, to make the package arrive that day. Wouldn't you know that when I finished the prayer the doorbell rang. Sister Powell, not knowing the reason for my extreme excitement, questioned my sanity as I ripped open the beautiful package, and out fell two CTR rings. I was so happy! I told sister Power about this experience and even though it may seem like nothing, It was something to me. And those little girls were so excited to receive these rings and slipped them on immediately.

The second miracle was through a referral we had received. Her name is Amy and she works at a dry cleaners. We walked into the dry cleaners and started talking to her. She had this light and glow about her. I asked her what makes her so happy and she said doing the work of the Lord. She said she is a missionary for her church. She wasn't living the lifestyle she wanted to she prayed and the Lord told her to come to Kansas and live with a family who houses missionaries serving in this area. She said she just felt like she needed to come down. I asked her, when she meets with people, how she invited them to change. She said she asks them to reach beyond the natural man. I whipped open to Mosiah 3:19 so fast after she said that. I read it to her. "For the natural man is an enemy to God and has been from the fall of Adam and will be forever and ever unless he yields to the enticings of the Holy Spirit..." and talked about how she had just described that. She was is shock. She said she wanted to read more of that book. We left a Book of Mormon with her. Hopefully, she will read it and gain a testimony of it and see what she is truly missing in her life.

My spiritual thought for the week comes from the talk , Return With Honor, by Elder Robert D. Hales and an analogy that fits in with it. In the talk, Elder Hales talks about how we can return with honor by doing those things that will keep us spiritually strong. At the end of the talk, he says that as a father, he used to put his arms around each of his boys as they left to serve their missions and whispered in their ears, "Return with Honor." He said he can picture our Heavenly Father doing the same when we left our pre-earth life and started this journey. "Return with honor." This life is a test. Our Heavenly Father is the teacher. We need to do everything we can to pass the test. Sometimes, however, it may seem too hard or we may get the wrong answers. And a lot of the time, we have our classmates try to cheat off our tests or influence us to choose another answer. But we have the easiest and kindest grader. He has taken the test before and has all the answers. If we strive to do our best and take advantage of the beautiful atonement when we mess up, we will find true happiness. the atonement is real. Its strong. Its powerful. Its eternal and everlasting. this gospel is true. Love you all!

Sister Love


Sunsets in Kansas

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sister Love's latest letter!

(Sent June 1st, 2010)

Well another week has gone by here and i can't believe it's already June! Time is flying. Kansas is experiencing summertime with wheat fields turning golden and sunflowers. Its so pretty.

We see some crazy things out here that I never thought I would see. We were tracting and a guy came out onto the doorstep and started yelling "Praise Jesus! Praise Jesus! lord bless these sisters!" and he went on in a sermon/prayer for us. Then when he was done, he turned around and walked back inside his house and slammed the At least he kind of knows that we're out doing. We have a member of our ward who we have been able to bring back to church. It's so amazing to see her family change and come back to church. She has 6 daughters and they werer all sealed in the in the okahoma Temple but sadly, they have fallen away. Since we've been teaching them, they have ordered new garments and are preparing to go again. I'm so happy for them. She sends us scriptures via text message every morning and its amazing how closely they relate to what we need throughout the day. She is so in tune to the spirit.

As I was having personal study one morning, I thought of how we can teach people that the lamanites are the principal ancestors of the American Indians. And how, through that the truth, can they know that the book of mormon is true? I asked my companion and she said that there isn't any proof and that the only way to know the book of mormon is true, is to pray and ask. i think the lord knew we would need to know this, because ina lesson later that night, we found out that our invesigator, Dave, is native American. He is really inot the thought of how the book of mormom is related to his ancestors. he asked me "How do you know that is true?" and I told him by prayer and comformation of the Holy Ghost. He then said he can see why it's important that he finds out for himself that the book of mormon is ture. I was so happy he realized that. We are continuing to teach him and hope he contines to progress towards baptism.

Our investigator, Judy, is still having problems with smoking but we continue to teach her and commit her to the things that will help. This past visit, I told her that Sister Power's birthday is on June 19th. Sister Power said the BEST birthday present she could ever receive would be to see her get baptized on that date. Judy started laughing and said she would try. We may have been a bit sneaky but she is so ready for this. She just needs that set date in her mind.

We were reading from the talk, Seek Learning by Faith by Elder Bednar and in it, he talks about how Joshua's leadership, the children of Israel came to the river Jordan and were promised the waters would part and they would be able to cross over on dry ground. But the waters didn't immediately part. In fact, they had to get the soles of their feet wet before it would even part. They had to walk into the water BEFORE it even parted. I think that is so true about life. Some things require us to take that first step into the dark before we can see the light. WE receive no witness until after the trial of our faith. So whatever is hard for you or difficult, remember that the Lord will always keep his promises if we are faithful. The church is true! I love you all!

Sister Love

P.S. Our companion and I though matching Toy Story shirts would help our companion unity :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010