Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shout out from Zion! So if you go on to, there is a video about a girl named Joy and she won the 2008 long boarding/surfing title for nationals. Something like that. Anyways, she says something that I love and have tried to incorporate into missionary work. She said that she finds that she has to position herself and put herself where the right waves are. We also need to position ourselves in life. Place ourselves in situations that will help us grow the most and live life. While we're talking about waves, I also learned something from the book of Matthew. In ch.4, verse 20, Jesus Christ calls for the apostles while they are fishing and it says they "straightway left their nets and followed him." What nets hold you back in life? What are the things that keep you from fully following and believing in Jesus Christ? Just a thought :)

This past week it got cold. One day, it was sunny and then a huge rainstorm came in. After that, it was only 50 degrees for a couple of days. Basically, I think I am going to die. This coldness out here is different than anything I've ever experienced. It cuts to the bone. We'll see how well this winter goes. But after this happened, it's gotten back up into the 70's and 80's. Missouri has crazy weather but so fun. I love the rainstorms here.

Andrianna had an incredible experience this past week. We met with her again and she said that she still just wants to know that this is what she should do. We asked her to come into the visitor's center here. She came and we walked around some of the things we have there but then a thought came into my head. "Take her down to see 'hope ya know, I had a hard time.'" This is a Mormons message that follows the talk by Quentin L. Cook with that title. He talks about how things in life are difficult. That we all go through our different trials and we, at times, say to our Heavenly Father "Hope ya know, I had a hard time." At the end, it shows a man who has been struggling and that has just lost his job. He goes to get out of his car and sees his elderly neighbor across the street struggling to bring in his trash bin. He runs over to help him bring it in. At the end, Elder Cook says that President Monson said the greatest birthday gift he could receive would be for someone to do something for someone else. We watched this movie and at the end, I looked over at Andrianna and she was crying. I know it's exactly what she needed. At the end, I came out and just asked her "Andrianna, will you read the book of Mormon and pray to know that it's true? Will you also pray to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet?" She said she would. We prayed with her that night and in the prayer, she asked that she might know if this is the true church and that she may receive a strong answer.

The next time, we went over, Andrianna was smiling. She said she prayed and that a peaceful feeling entered into her heart. She said that even though she was closing her eyes, the room around her filled with light. She said she realized she has been the one keeping herself back. She has been hesitant but because of those feelings, she is now ready to do this. To enter the waters of baptism and receive this joy.

We've been working with a less-active older man and his wife, who is not a member. They are the funniest people ever. They make me laugh so hard and she is just being stubborn when it comes to getting baptized. They know it's true and we will keep working with them.

Today is officially my 5 month mark. I can't believe how fast this is flying by. I've realized that this time is precious and that although it's hard, the beauty of serving the Lord can never be replaced. I want to challenge anyone who reads this to step outside yourself this week and do something for someone else. Help someone who is down. Share the gospel. Let your Heavenly Father know how much you love him and your Savior. I know that if you do this, your life will be blessed. Thank you for all the support and prayers! I love you all!

Sister Love

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